Meet our expert Bengt Erlandsson

“All drug development consists of different pieces with a lot of details in each of them. I will gladly assist with all the details necessary for the CMC part.”

From CMC perspective – what is required for a drug to be approved for use in a clinical trial?

Ask Bengt, he knows about it! At SDS Bengt manage our clients by setting up a development plan for the CMC part for their projects, identification and management of suitable CMO. This means supervision of the crucial activities to manufacture, control and release both the API and the drug product to be used in a clinical trial or to prepare regulatory documentation to apply for a MAA or NDA.

Dr Bengt Erlandsson is our newest CMC-expert. With 20 years of experience from a wide range of CMC projects from working at an international CDMO he sustains our Drug Development team.
Are you stuck with CMC issues? Ask Bengt!